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Stone Care

Chemforce - Stain Protector

Stain Protector is a Premium impregnating sealer world-leading protection for stone and other porous surfaces.


Stain Protector™  1 Litre - $110

Stain Protector™  5 Litre - $475 (equates to $95 / L)

Stain Protector™  20 Litre - $1700 (equates to $85 / L)

  • Maximum water and oil repellence for optimal stain protection
  • Super-penetrating, permanent bonding technology for super protection against, efflorescence, picture framing, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling.
  • Optimized for most types of porous building material/surface, from natural stone to brick, terracotta, concrete, and saltillo.
  • Retains surface color and finish
  • Highly breathable, allows water vapor to escape freely, and limits harmful moisture buildup inside the treated material.
  • Stands up to commercial cleaning methods.
  • Treated surfaces remain to look good for longer and are easier to clean.



Chemforce - Fortifier PLUS™

Impregnating, permanent consolidator and water repellent. Premium protection from salt spalling & freeze-thaw spalling.

Superior protection for very porous building materials, including natural stone, which are exposed to saltwater or freeze-thaw conditions.


Fortifier PLUS™  5 Litre - $310

Fortifier PLUS™  20 Litre  -  $1090

Suitable Surfaces
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces, including building envelopes (verticals), saltwater pool surrounds, cladding, paving, blockwork, brickwork.
  • Appropriate for new and restored materials, including: Travertine, sandstone, limestone, precast concrete, cast stone, Saltillo, terracotta, grout, concrete blockwork and very porous bricks.


Chemforce Enhancer PLUS™

Enhancer PLUS - Premium, colour enhancing, impregnating sealer for natural stone and polished concrete.

Enhancer PLUS™ 1 Litre  -  $120

Enhancer PLUS™ 5 Litre  -  $550

Product Technical Benefits:
  • Enhances/deepens the colour of the surface 
  • Water and oil repellence 
  • Semi-permanent, UV stable technology 
  • Highly breathable, allows water vapor to escape freely and limits harmful moisture build-up inside the treated material.  
  • Treated surfaces stay looking good for longer and are easier to clean. 
  • 5 YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY available when applied by an APPROVED APPLICATOR. 



Chemforce  S-Complex™

Cutting and grinding performance additive for natural stone.


S-Complex™  5 Litre  -  $120

S-Complex™  20 Litre  -  $375

S-Complex™  200 Litre  -  $3410

S-Complex™  1000 Litre  -  $15,900

S-Complex™ is a concentrated, next-generation performance additive delivering MASSIVE GAINS IN CUTTING & GRINDING SPEED.

Product Technical Benefits

• MASSIVE gains in cutting and grinding speed – up to 18.75 times the normal cutting speed in real stone fabrication plants.

• INEXPENSIVE use only 0.4% (1:250) concentration up to 0.8% (1.125) concentration to achieve optimum results. The product lasts well in water recycling systems so redosing is also inexpensive.

• Prolongs the life of the diamonds in diamond tools

• Cleaner cuts and a big reduction in chipping and blowouts.

• Faster, cleaner cutting of problematic hard materials including porcelain and sintered stones.

• Significantly lower saw noise levels, especially on hard sintered stone and porcelains.


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